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Little Marley Needs our Help.

Little Marley needs our help urgently.
Marley’s is a 2 years old Yorkshire Terrier, weighing in at 6 lbs.  She requires orthopedic surgery on her back leg to avoid complete paralysis.  She has been diagnosed with a grade 3 luxating patella (meaning the knee cap is out of place) and if not fixed it will eventually cause severe pain, arthritis or a possible amputation.

She will have her orthopedic surgery at Allendale Vet Clinic in Barrie, Ontario once we raise approximately $2,000 + for her operation and rehabilitation.

This little girl was never vetted and was left in apartment alone most of the time with a shock collar on to avoid barking.  Marley can be a bit anxious when left alone because of the ill treatment she had to endure.  We will have Marley spayed, microchipped and given all her shots needed to be a healthy and happy pup.

Please support our efforts in helping this little angel and give her the life she deserves.

Donations and support are greatly appreciated.

Please donate via paypal below or directly to Allendale Clinic at 705-733-1422 and reference Canadian Royal Potcake Rescue.